IBSEN is a project funded by Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation Programme. It is designed to provide a breakthrough in our understanding of large scale human behaviour. With that purpose, it will develop pioneering capacity to perform structured and controlled multiplatform experiments, and will carry out an interdisciplinary research program.

IBSEN uses a modified version of the oTree project. You can find more information about oTree framework in http://www.otree.org/



oTree is a framework based on Python and Django that lets you build:

  • Multiplayer strategy games, like the prisoner’s dilemma, public goods game, and auctions
  • Controlled behavioral experiments in economics, psychology, and related fields
  • Surveys and quizzes

Help & discussion mailing list

Our Google Groups mailing list is here.


chris@otree.org (if you have a support question, try the mailing list first)


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